Eucalyptus as Decor

I’m such a fan of Eucalyptus. I think it literally looks good on everything and it smells amazing!

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I hang it in my halls, play is on console tables, in baskets around the house and I even hang it in the shower to activate all the amazing smells to get all the at-home-spa feels.

I generally always buy my Eucalyptus from Trader Joes. They sell bunches of it for $3.99, how can you beat that? I always pick up and couple and let them dry out at home.

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I don’t do anything special for the drying out process, I literally just pop them in a vase or lay them down somewhere and let them dry out for 3-4 days. I think they still look great all dried out and in gives it a more earthy feeling in your home.

Usually the dried out eucalyptus pairs well with baskets and wood textures for a more natural look. I paired it on my white console tables in the hallway, above my mirror on the wall and across our white coffee table with mixed metallic for fall decor.

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I’ve actually left it as a decor piece dried out for up to a month or two! I’m such a fan of fresh florals in a home though so I tend to change it up quite frequently but there really is no limit with dried out Eucalyptus.


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