Practical Gift Giving

Tarek is a very practical guy, I knew this from day one.

One of the first gifts I ever got him was actually a shoe rack for his dorm. I’m pretty sure he still raves about as one of his favorite gifts ever. Weirdo. He lived in a super tiny dorm room and had SO many shoes lining the floor taking up easily 1/3 of the floor space.

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I got him a standing shoe rack from Walmart snuck it in his dorm room, set it up with his shoes and left a cute love note behind. Done deal. He loved the idea, that it was something practical that he could use and that it wasn’t anything outrageous.

Fast forward five years and one wedding later and I still try to deliver something practical that he needs, wants or will use often for his birthday.

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This year we moved into a new apartment and I’ve been slowly furnishing it starting in the living room and working my way back to the master bedroom. We currently have nothing in there but our mattress on the floor, a small book shelf on Tarek’s side of the bed and a tv.

I noticed Tarek has like 6 watches that he piles on the bookshelf next to where he charges his phone so my practical gift this year is a nice watch box for him. And to go with his watch box I also got him the new Justin Timberlake book because he’s obsessed and like- duh its JT, who wouldn’t get that book?

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