A Few Favorite Fur-Baby Finds From Amazon Prime

I have to openly admit to you all that I was never really a pet person.

My husband, however, has had dogs running around his family’s home for most of his life. When I married him I knew our dog Steeler was part of the agreement. I accepted him with open arms (so long as he remained living at my in-laws).

Less than a year into marriage and I felt we were already being tested.. my in-laws were moving out of state and my husband was addimit about Steeler living with us. 

I was dreading the hair on my black leggings, hair all over my couch! Would he chew all my shoes? I’d have to worry about walking him, (another responsibility, great). Forget about any newly-wed weekend trips, where do you even find a dog-sitter?

Fast forward 8 months and I’m obsessed with the little dude. I’ve learned a lot within our first year of marriage but one of the biggest remembrances for me was learning to love and be loved by a dog. It’s a unique bond and something only this animal is capable of.

I’m fully convinced, as any dog owner is, that my dog is the coolest in all the land; hence why I love splurging on him.

Check out these fun finds on Amazon Prime for all your fur baby needs.

    • Premium Pet Dental Spray

      Your breath would smell too if you licked yourself and smelled other people’s butts all day. Help a pal out and give him or her some fresh breath! Not to mention this brand gives back to pets in need with every purchase! 

    • Kong Chew and Treat Toys

      Literally just add peanut butter and watch the magic happen. You won’t see your four legged babe until this toy is licked completely clean!

      *Pay close attention to the size of the toy as it correlates with how much your dog weighs, otherwise the toy could be a choking hazard for him/her!*
    • Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed

      By nature our little Steeler is a natural bread cuddler. I personally love it but I hate that my couch cushions and pillows are constantly caved in because he’s snuggled up there all day. THIS however has changed that.  

    • Pet Grooming Brush

      Dogs are the original swooners of getting their hair brushed. This brush right here works wonders and if you don’t believe me just read to 2,000+ five star reviews raving about it.

      Also definitely check out all the adorable pet photos with each review! But only if you have an hour or so to waste because once you start you won’t be able to stop.
    • Collapsable Travel Food & Water Bowl


Steeler hikes with me all over Los Angeles and while some trails are

very dog friendly with water fountains specifically for dogs provided, some trails are not so fur-buddy friendly. This bowl is portable enough for

me to forget that I’m even carrying it on a hike but also large enough so supply water for steeler and his girlfriend Opal if need be.


Find all these products and more on my Amazon storefront under the Fur Baby list! What are some of your favorite pet products?


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