Jackfruit Taquito Salad

This jackfruit taquito Mexican Trader Joes Jackfruit in Brinesalad is pretty simple and one you can whip up the next time your vegetarian friends come over.

The jackfruit itself, I will admit, takes a bit of effort- but it’s so rewarding in the end.

Jackfruit is actually a species of tree native to southwest India. It falls within the fig and mulberry family. It’s technically a fruit, but when cooked it resembles a pulled meat. It’s naturally pretty bland so it’s best to use in recipes with added sauce or spice.

Here’s a great video explaining more.

If you’re not too keen on the effort of the jackfruit for just one salad, cook up a large batch of itTrader Joes Jackfruit with just some salt and pepper and use it in various recipes throughout the week!

I’ve never actually bought or used a whole jackfruit- Trader Joes sells a can of jackfruit chunks in brine. This is my go-to as it eliminates some of the work. *I believe in shortcuts.*

To cook the jackfruit:

First and foremost I rinse the jackfruit off. Next you’ll need to cut the remaining parts of the core from the meatShredded Jackfruit.

Once you’ve chopped it all- throw it on the stove top over medium heat with some coconut oil (just sticking to the fruit trend here) and add your spices!

While the jackfruit is soaking in all the flavor, chop up your jalapeños and put aside.

Once I feel the spices are cooked into the fruit (this only takes a few minutes) I transfer the jackfruit back to the cutting board and take two forks to shred the chucks.Crema Table Cream

If you’re like me and you clean while you cook: just a heads up we’ll be using the pan again so don’t throw it in the sink!

Taquito Making

After shredding the jackfruit, put it back in the pan, add your jalapeños and Crema Table Cream and cook over medium heat once again for just a few minutes.

Next you’ll want to heat either canola or vegetable oil in a pan for frying. To test if the oil is hot enough, throw a tiny piece of tortilla in; if it sizzles, it’s ready.Jackfruit Taquito Mixture

I make these with corn tortillas which call for you to heat them in a damp paper towel for a few seconds in the microwave before rolling the filling into it. This helps prevent the tortilla from splitting.

Once you’ve rolled them, drop them in to fry for a few minutes turning every so often.

When finished, place cooked taquitos on a plate covered in paper towels and allow to cool while paper towels soak up excess oil. Rolling Taquitos

Add Salad

I use a basic mixed greens from Trader Joes, throw some jackfruit taquitos on top and sprinkle with contija cheese and cilantro. I drizzle leftover Crema Table Cream over everything, followed by lime juice and some green tabasco sauce, because duh.

You can also add some fresh avocado on top or some of my favorite Trader Joes brand Mexican corn salad to the mixed greens.

This recipe was initially a tasty recipe with shredded chicken (that I enjoy) but I had some extra jackfruit laying around and I love that stuff so I remixed it. Hope you enjoy this version!



This recipe can also be vegan by replacing the Crema Table Cream with a vegan option (this blog has an easy homemade alternative!), and replacing the Contija cheese with a vegan cheese option of your choice.

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