Cold Pizza Appetizer Mediterranean Style

mediterranean-cold-pizzaI needed a quick appetizer to bring to bible study last week while my best friend Mandi was in town. Something that was easy to make and  transport that wouldn’t take too much of our time to prepare. Without hesitation she threw out a cold pizza option.

why hadn’t i thought about Cold Pizza?

Just bake a roll of crescents without separating them, cover it in cream cheese and throw some veggies on top. done.

It sounded amazing (anything with crescent rolls does) but I wasn’t fully sold on the random vegetables on top. On the one hand, you really can’t go wrong with any raw vegetable sediced-vegetableslection you throw on top of cream cheese. But on the other hand, I felt it had much more potential to be more than just cold pizza.

She mentioned red pepper when rattling off topping options and instantly I thought: Mediterranean.cold-pizza-cream-cheese-spread

Most the ingredients I already had in my fridge. This is always a bonus, it  made the recipe that much easier. I even saved the left over chopped vegetable mix and recreated this simple dish as a quick fix dinner for my husband and I this week too.

An appetizer for a party or a quick and light dinner choice.

This cold pizza was a favorite for all who tried it. mediterranean-cold-pizza



Serving Size is dependent on the type of meal you’re baking your pizza for. As an appetizer you can yield up to 12 servings. While as a dinner portion I cut the pizza into only 6 servings.

I only use the 90 Calories Pillsbury Crescent rolls though I’m sure any brand or variation will do fine.

You can leave the pastry on your baking sheet and top directly on there, however, I suggest transferring before you top with additional ingredients to conserve any mess.

Obviously don’t try cutting your pizza while it’s on your baking sheet, unless you’re planning on buying yourself a new baking sheet anyway.

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