A Simple & Symmetric Gallery Wall

I love a good gallery wall but sometimes I just want to keep things simple. Not too simple where it’s just a mosaic of square photos (though that can be really complimenting to a room) but simple with a little personality. I also wanted to give this gallery a theme so I chose our wedding.


I created this gallery in our new apartment based off of things I already had:

  • (2) Vertical 3-image floating frames from Target.
  • (4) Single image frames from Target.
  • A plain black and white wall clock from IKEA.
  • A single wall shelf from Target.
  • Random decor pieces from IKEA.

Additionally, I took the unity ceremony pieces from our wedding and placed them on either side to complete the gallery. The right side is a wooden sign custom ordered from Etsy and the left is a broom from out broom jump, also custom ordered from Etsy.

Gallery walls can really be anything you want them to be, that’s the fun about creating them. The most important about creating them is really just working with the sizes of all items in the gallery and seeing how they you can weight them around each other.

My two biggest pieces of advise for laying out your own gallery wall are to:

  1. Place your pieces on the floor, move them around, see how they compliment each other until you find what best fits.
  2. Use packing paper to create a cut out of each piece’s shape and then hang your packing paper pieces on the wall to get a better feel for how it will look in the space you want it.

Click here for a great example of this!

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